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15 Financial Services Companies in Cardiff, UK: Exploring Innovation and Growth

Cardiff is fast becoming a hub for financial services companies, with a thriving fintech ecosystem and a supportive business environment. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most interesting financial services companies operating in Cardiff, UK. From cryptocurrency insurance to digital private banking, these companies are pushing the boundaries of innovation and growth in the industry.

Coincover: Cryptocurrency Insurance-backed Technology

Coincover is a leading fintech company in Cardiff that provides cryptocurrency insurance-backed technology, helping protect digital assets from hacks and human error. Founded by Adam Smith and David Janczewski, Coincover offers a range of solutions, including insurance-backed guarantee for exchanges, wallets, and custodians, and private key recovery services. Coincover is a pioneer in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, helping businesses mitigate risks associated with digital assets.

Yoello: Payments Platform for Merchants and Consumers

Yoello is another fintech company in Cardiff that is making waves in the payments industry. Yoello is building infrastructure that connects banks and payment networks to merchants and consumers, offering a seamless payments experience. Founded by Anton Manley and Sina Yamani, Yoello’s platform supports a range of payment methods, including card payments, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. Yoello is driving innovation in the banking, e-commerce, and mobile payments sectors, providing a simple and secure way to pay.

Delio: White Label Technology for Wealth Management

Delio is a white label technology offering that enables wealth management firms, private banks, and other financial institutions to offer their clients access to a range of investment opportunities. Founded by Gareth Lewis, Delio’s platform allows firms to streamline their investment processes, from deal origination to execution. Delio’s platform is built on the latest technology and offers a range of features, including due diligence, compliance, and reporting.

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Vaultoro: Digital Assets and Commodities Trading

Vaultoro is a financial technology company that specializes in digital assets and commodities trading. Founded by Joshua Scigala and Philip Scigala, Vaultoro’s platform enables users to trade gold and bitcoin in real-time, providing a secure and transparent trading experience. Vaultoro is a pioneer in the blockchain and Ethereum space, enabling users to diversify their investments and hedge against market volatility.

Development Bank of Wales: Flexible Finance for Businesses

The Development Bank of Wales provides flexible finance for businesses based in Wales, supporting startups, SMEs, and larger enterprises. Founded by Kate Methuen-Ley, the Development Bank of Wales offers a range of financing options, including debt and equity, to help businesses grow and thrive. The Development Bank of Wales is an important player in the Welsh economy, providing access to capital and support for businesses of all sizes.

Peppercorn: Auto Insurance and Financial Services

Peppercorn is an insurtech that has created the world’s first conversational AI insurance assistant to help customers through the insurance process. Initially offering motor insurance, the company is able to provide a truly personalised and friendly user experience, removing the need for filling out forms and waiting on hold. The team is fully remote and is comprised of experts in tech and insurance. 

Hoof: Digital Payments and Commerce

Hoof is a fintech company that drives commerce through the power of digital payments. Founded by George Johnson, Hoof’s platform enables merchants to accept payments from customers seamlessly, whether online or offline. Hoof’s platform supports a range of payment methods, including card payments, mobile payments, and contactless payments. Hoof is a leading player in the payments industry, offering a simple and secure way to pay.

Confused.com: Price Comparison Website for Insurance and Financial Products

Confused.com is a price comparison website specializing in a range of insurance and financial products. Founded by Sara Murray, Confused.com helps consumers compare prices and features of insurance policies, mortgages, loans, and other financial products. Confused.com’s platform is designed to help customers make informed decisions about their finances, saving them time and money. Confused.com is a trusted brand in the UK, providing a valuable service to its customers.

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Admiral: Car Insurance Specialist

Admiral is a UK-based insurance company, founded in 1993 to specialize in car insurance. Founded by Dave McLean, David Stevens, and Henry Engelhardt, Admiral has grown into a leading player in the insurance industry, offering a range of insurance products, including home insurance, travel insurance, and pet insurance. Admiral is committed to providing its customers with excellent service and competitive prices, making it a trusted choice for millions of customers.

Principality Building Society: Savings, Mortgages, and Investments

Principality Building Society is a Wales-based company that provides savings, mortgages, and investments to its customers. Founded in 1860, Principality Building Society has a long history of serving its community and helping customers achieve their financial goals. Principality Building Society is committed to providing excellent service and competitive rates, helping its customers build a better future.

220 Bank: Digital Private Banking

220 Bank is the world’s first digital private bank, offering a range of financial services to high net worth individuals and families. Founded by Henry Fudge, 220 Bank’s platform is built on the latest technology, providing a seamless and secure banking experience. 220 Bank’s platform offers a range of features, including investment management, wealth planning, and concierge services, making it a valuable partner for its clients.

118 118 Money: Personalized Financial Solutions

118 118 Money provides personalized financial solutions to help individuals and families handle whatever lands in their path. Founded by a team of financial experts, 118 118 Money offers a range of financial products, including personal loans, credit cards, and car finance. 118 118 Money is committed to providing its customers with transparent and affordable financial products, helping them achieve their goals and improve their financial health.

Veygo: Temporary Car Insurance and Learner Driver Insurance Services

Veygo is a brokerage firm that provides temporary car insurance and learner driver insurance services to individuals and families. Founded by a team of insurance experts, Veygo’s platform offers flexible and affordable insurance products, allowing customers to choose the coverage that suits their needs. Veygo is committed to providing its customers with excellent service and peace of mind, helping them stay protected on the road.

MotoNovo Finance: Automotive Finance and Financial Services

MotoNovo Finance offers a range of relevant products and services quickly, efficiently, and competitively, helping its customers finance their vehicles and achieve their financial goals. Founded in 1972, MotoNovo Finance has a long history of providing innovative and flexible financing solutions, supporting dealerships and customers across the UK. MotoNovo Finance is committed to providing excellent service and competitive rates, making it a trusted partner for dealerships and customers alike.

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V12 Retail Finance: Financial Solutions for Retailers and Consumers

V12 Retail Finance provides financial solutions for retailers and consumers, offering a range of financing options to help customers make purchases they might not otherwise be able to afford. Founded by Scott Davies, V12 Retail Finance’s platform is designed to be easy to use and flexible, providing customers with a range of payment options, including interest-free credit and buy now, pay later options. V12 Retail Finance is committed to providing excellent service and helping customers achieve their goals.


These 15 financial services companies in Cardiff, UK are leading the way in innovation and growth, providing valuable services to their customers and contributing to the growth of the industry. From cryptocurrency insurance to digital private banking, these companies are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, leveraging technology and expertise to provide solutions that meet the needs of their customers. Cardiff’s fintech ecosystem is thriving, and these companies are at the forefront of that growth, helping to make Cardiff a hub for financial services innovation. Whether you’re an individual looking for insurance or financing, or a business looking for flexible finance solutions, these companies are worth keeping an eye on as they continue to grow and evolve in the years ahead.

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